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  Jonathon Gates and The Black Comedy Explosion

Jonathon Gates  
Black Comedy Explosion  
PO Box 200084  
Boston, MA 02120 or  

Boston Bad Boy of Comedy
Jonathon Gates


Welcome to the

Black Comedy Explosion

Hello my name is Jonathon Gates. I am a comedian by trade. I have been at my trade for at least 20 years. I have been on everything from the DEF Comedy Jam tour to BET Comic View. My style has been described as a combination of Redd Fox, Richard Pryor and Cedric the Entertainer.

I have traveled and performed from Atlanta to Amsterdam. I have been blessed to have worked with everyone in the comedy business. I have been on stage with some of today's greats like 


Martin Lawernce, Bernie Mac, DL Hughley, Dave Chapelle, Jamie Fox, Tommy Davidson, Sommore, Mike Epps, Ricky Smiley, Bruce Bruce, Earth Quake, and the list goes on. 

 I have also opened for such musical greats as, Luther Vandross, James Brown, Parliament Funkadelics, George Clinton, Prince, Jaheem, and Floetry to name a few. I am also a great host and emcee. 

Why is it called the Black Comedy Explosion and I see White comedians on your page?

Funny is funny no matter what color you are. I believe the best comedy comes from the soul and the soul is a dark mysterious place, Hence the name The Black Comedy Explosion was born.

What is the Black Comedy Explosion?

My site is geared for people who want to do a Comedy Show that is funny as hell but cannot afford the A list comedians. My site is to introduce America to some of the funniest comics you have never heard of before or you might have seen once or twice and name might not a house hold name yet. Most people of color have this feeling that just because they don't see them on TV regularly or have not seen them in a movie or on every talk show, then that comedian must not be funny. Remember all the ones you worship started somewhere. The only difference between those comics and the ones you see here is the price, not talent

Most people want to put on a comedy show in their town but really do not know how to go about it. There are 3 type of promoters out there.

1. There are the big giants that have the capital and connection to go after any comedian they want. So they really don't need my service

2. There are the ones that want to be big promoter, they have the capital but lack the knowledge or connection to pull it off

3. There is the person, that is just starting off. He or She wants to be a promoter. They want The Big name of comedy but cannot afford the price that comes along with them. 

This web site can also be used as a consulting tool for the beginner promoter or an organization that needs help setting up a good show or fundraiser.


I am also a promoter in the city of Boston and the New England Area.  This is a page to try to keep everyone informed about all that's happening in and around the city of Boston as it pertains to the entertainment field. As well as the many projects that I have going on around the country.  Along with everything from Comedy to Concerts, I have also thrown my hand into the group getaways. We do everything from Shopping trip, cruises, Ski Trip, crab feast to just a 24 hour party gets away.

Please feel free to forward me your event and let me place it upon my page to keep Boston informed. 





Do you like to Laugh. I mean really laugh. My name is Jonathon Gates. I am a comedian, that has been at my trade for 20 years. I have been on HBO Def Comedy Jam Tour, And multiple times on BET Comic View. I have for sale a Comedy DVD for sale. 1 hour long of stand up. So here it is. Taped at the Comedy Connection in Boston 


Here is a preview to let you know what you might see and hear on hear on this project. I always Say, that White people and Black People do the Same things in life. But we do them in two different ways. The Name of the name of this Project is called:  

  Comically Different

 My Comedy DVD is now on Sale



Get yours now 

Jonathon Gates
PO Box 200084
Boston, MA 02120

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The Black Comedy Explosion, Bringing comedians of all statue to a venue near you

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